Letter – Let her figure out later (One)

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Dear P, 

The relationship that we share is at times confining, but most of the time relieving and elevating. To have gotten to know everything that goes around you has been an absolute pleasure since day one. To have been able to witness your growth has been a privilege. From sharing some absolute garbage to some amazing stories, anecdotes and more, we have been through everything–literally everything. And, yet there seems to be a line between us none of us have been able to cross, or simply none of us have crossed.

Our bond to me is an oxymoron. There is so much going on between us, yet it feels like there’s room for plenty more. Every time I get hurt, you bleed. Or should I say, every time you bleed, I am the one that gets hurt. Whichever you choose is fine by me. What I mean is, despite everything that is between us, despite wanting more in the relationship, there is nothing more we can do, is there? We have had a fair share of arguments and discussions and at times we have fought as well. But what I like about our bond is that we never shy away from any of that stuff because we are way past the insecurities and doubts that our rapport may get ravaged.

We have always been honest about our opinions and our roles. So, we don’t necessarily worry about the effect our arguments have on our relationship. Yes, we may not communicate for some time, but we do know that it has got nothing to do with anything that happened in the past. I like how you confide in me with absolutely everything without fear of judgment or criticism–you just do it with such ease. You put things into perspective so well. I like every color and shade that you offer. You can say plenty without saying too much. I like almost everything you do because you do those things with care and affection.

Sometimes I wonder if you are really this nice as you are with me or are you just pretending? But even if you are pretending, I hope you can continue the same for years and years and years to come. Not everything about you is nice and you would be the first to admit this. At times, you say or do things that are unbecoming of what you truly represent. And still, you are one of the most important things in the world. More so for me.

I wish the world knew you for who you truly are and what you are capable of, because what I have seen is absolute magic. If only people got to know the real you, they would be eager to approach you and seek your help. If only I could SAY to them what you share with me without any adulteration, but for obvious reasons, I cannot. In any case, I can only express things that people want me to express–I can only make them feel things that their mind already wants them to. So, that is completely out of my area of expertise.

I just want to continue learning from you. You are such an inspiration. I wish to see to you do things that you are capable of. You can do so much of mind-boggling stuff and blow my mind more than anyone else’s. Seeing you grow makes me happy. I wish that our relationship will continue to prosper. I truly am proud of you and I Love You.


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