Ante Sundaraniki

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Ante Sundaraniki is a 2022 released Telegu movie written and directed by Vivek Athreya, featuring Nani and Nazriya Nazim as the leads. The movie is available even in the Tamil and Malayalam version. It is currently rated 8.1 on IMDb. We all are aware that some movies can have skewed IMDB ratings for various reasons. But in the case of this movie, it deserves it if not more. We will try to explain why the movie should be on your Watchlist if you haven’t watched it already. Here are five reasons why you may want to watch Ante Sundaraniki:


Ante Sundaraniki is a wonderfully written and presented movie. It’s a story of a Christian girl and Hindu guy trying to come together, their antics and struggle to make that happen. Since caste (and/or) religion are huge, be it in the east or west, it hits right at home no matter where you are from. It can be a very sensitive matter which can tie your hands on a creative level but Athreya has risen to the occasion and made an opportunity of a challenge. The movie is a total entertainer with plenty of feel-good moments and laughter, but it also features drama and emotions that could choke you up a little or warm your heart. The method of storytelling is not a usual generic one, and it will help you be on the edge of your seats even more.


A screenshot from Ante Sundaraniki Pic credit: Netflix

Cast and Chemistry

Nani and Nazriya do the heavy lifting for all the right reasons. Nani is known as Natural Star in Telugu movies for a reason. Nazriya has held her own and matched Nani beautifully, which is not as easy as she makes it look. This is their first movie together, but their chemistry is off the charts. It looks as if they had worked together before on numerous occasions. On top of that, the supporting cast has done a tremendous job to make Ante Sundaraniki more than about just those two. They all play a pivotal role in making the movie and the story work. Each cast member has moments to rise and shine. So, it is gratifying and glorious to witness that play out.


Most of the movies that get massive exposure from South India boast grandeur. Often it is difficult for movies to do well at the box office in its absence. Larger-than-life characters, high-octane action, exaggerated entry and exit, so and so forth. Ante Sundaraniki is everything but that. Maybe that is why it didn’t do the numbers it should have. However, that doesn’t take away the gem of a movie it is and is destined to earn its flowers in the OTT for years to come. It’s a very simple story told with ample heart and sincerity. That is the biggest USP of this movie. Simplicity is simple, but not easy. However, the cast and director have made it seem so. So, kudos to them.

Attention to detail

Ante Sundaraniki is quite a long movie considering modern standards. The Netflix version of this movie runs for 173 minutes, but it doesn’t feel stretched or overextended at all. Every little thing done or said is done and kept in the final edit with purpose and makes sense in the bigger picture, if not right away. There are several such moments in the movie where you feel oh, eh, umm, nice or something along those lines because of those little things or gestures and meticulous attention to detail. This helps make the movie wholesome to whole another level.


The melodies of the movie (may not) fall right up your alley (at first) and they seem/sound to grow on you if you listen on repeat. Vivek Sagar is the main man behind the music. His quirky take on music is his signature style and he doesn’t disappoint on this one as well. Vivek Sagar and Vivek Athreya previously collaborated for Brochevarevarura and worked their magic together even then. Ante Sundaraniki encapsulates that magic plus more to make it worth the watch.

The movie has its several moments of glory as far as cinematography is concerned. Ante Sundaraniki is a very well-shot and well-made movie, but there aren’t many shots and scenes captured differently than you may have seen before. With all said, the movie won’t fail you even on that front.

All in all, Ante Sundaraniki was worth the wait to watch, but you don’t have to wait as it is available on Netflix.




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