Dear E, 

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{Letter – Let her figure out later (Part II)}

 I wonder if we could be together and live harmoniously. But as it stands, we seem to end up on the opposite sides of each other more often than not, intentionally or unintentionally. There have been times when we have managed to be on the same page but they have been so short-lived. And that makes it all the more painful knowing that magic happens when we are together. I ponder how things could be if we were together to balance each other out. 

While I see myself a lot more practical, you seem to be sentimental and at times over-sentimental if I may say so. Even when there would be obvious choices, you would find at least one tiny argument to go against those and hold onto it to your dear life, not because you wanted to oppose me but because you truly believed in it. There have been occasions when you have managed to prove me or those “obvious” choices of mine wrong. And that blows me away still. But there have also been countless instances where I have been right. If only we could find the middle ground, things could be so different but then again … 

While I have always loved how you are so protective of your loved ones, you would also disappoint me when you held on to your sentiments obstinately even when there were plenty of reasons not to – even when I tried to make you see those reasons. Whilst I have always admired how you stood by everything you believed in, it put me off when you cut me loose amidst all that. While I would try to reason, you would try to counter that with sentiments. You would not think twice to give people one more chance every single time while I would try to stop that. Many a time, it paid the dividends, but also many of those times, it would not repay your faith. And yet you would not change. And yet you would still be willing to dish out one more chance and that was beyond me. 

I am not saying that I am always right and that you’re always wrong. A lot of things have messed up trying to be rational. I have made lots of error in judgments trying to be practical casting all things aside. You have taught me more than I could have asked for and I have tried the same. And yet there is something ingrained in our systems that we tend to neglect each other most of the times. The sample size where you and I have managed to be on the same wavelength is small but so beautiful that I can’t help but ask for more. I wonder if you feel anywhere close to that. And I wonder if we could be in sync with each other.

I wonder, do you? 


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