Dear E, 

{Letter – Let her figure out later

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She still crosses his mind,
There are still avenues and highways
named after her in his brain,
But they now lead to a dead end.

His heart still has a cabin etched after her,
It still skips a beat at the thought of her,
But then, it is followed by a sharp ache
that makes her blur.

The irises still dilate at her glance,
The eyes still awe and shine when they see her,
But the lids have now learned to close them at her sight.

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People gravitate to her as a reflex-
She’s quite a crowd-pleaser.
She makes friends from strangers,
Changes adversary to well-wisher.

She likes to hug people as if
They have never been hugged before.
She listens to same old stories like
She’s never listened to them before.

She wears her heart on her sleeves-
And pours it without thinking twice.
She lives her life not to regret-
Always prepared to pay the price.

She shares her table with strangers
Even her plate and stories with pleasure
Leaves an impression on everyone
And an

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